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In a newsletter to his clients in 2009, the great bond investment manager Bill Gross, wrote:

“We are heading into what we call the New Normal, which is a period of time in which economies grow very slowly as opposed to growing like weeds, the way children do; in which profits are relatively static; in which government plays a significant role in terms of deficits and reregulation and control of the economy; in which the consumer stops shopping until he drops and begins savings to the grave”

After over a decade of that somber premonition, the world lives today in that grim reality, with a future that is uncertain from years of system excesses and with central banks around the world flirting with a 0% rate environment as a way to keep things going…

The rules of the game must change to fit this new environment, from all participants: Investors need to readjust future expected return from their investments in a meaningful way. The future will not be equal to the past; Managers need to adapt and think outside the box. It’s not simply about building a better mousetrap anymore.

With a creative approach and innovative thinking, we at ONE Asset Management believe we can deliver superior above average returns per unit of risk through this environment. We certainly don’t do it alone. In fact, we know we can’t do it alone. We curate and partner with like-minded managers of the highest caliber and excellence, locally and around the globe to offer a platform structure to our clients across different asset classes. This enables us to remain more objective, unbiased to any strategy, and have a total portfolio perspective. It makes us uniquely qualified to have a holistic approach, allowing us to combine complementary strategies to design superior risk/return solutions.

With strategic partnerships and collaborations in Korea, US, Canada, Finland, Denmark and as far as Brazil, and with a plurality of ideas and best of breed players, we are able to become ONE under ONE Asset Management, aiming to deliver the highest level of value to our clients in this New Environment: Superior and differentiated Risk Adjusted Return.

Furthermore, when our clients invest with us, they are investing in more than just a creative portfolio solution. We believe they are investing in us, and the sound stability of our operations. Therefore, to provide the greatest level of peace of mind, we go an extra mile to provide not only the highest level of transparency, but sound protective protocols and internal risk control systems that ensures the stability, compliance and safety of our operations.

Thank you for your trust.
Chief Executive Officer, Paulo Rhee

We Build Value by Bridging Excellence

We Build Value byBridging Excellence

One Asset Management is a Total Portfolio Investment Platform, offering unique products across 5 different asset classes (Global Equity, Local Equity, Fixed Income, Global Futures Strategies, Alternative Investment) to our customers.

Our greatest strength is to design unique and creative investment solutions by sourcing, curating and bridging, at a global and local level, investment professionals of great caliber and standards of excellence. In this age of vast information access, and swift connectivity, we believe that great value can be created via a platform structure.

As a platform business, we are also uniquely positioned to further build value by appropriately combining strategies that complement each other, within asset class and across asset classes, resulting in superior risk return solutions. We are unique in this respect.

Knowledge Accumulation is at the center of our value system. Leveraging technology and data analytics, we focus on building a robust database infrastructure that allows us to continuously improve upon our cumulative experience.


Paulo Rhee, CFA

Paulo Rhee, CFA


GHR Investment Management
         – Futures, Quant
KGI Aisa
         – Group Internal Hedge Fund(Seoul, HK)
NorthPoint Partners
         – Long Short Asia Hedge Fund(Seoul, Singapore)
ABN Amro, HSBC, Dongbang Peregrine
         – Equity Analyst

Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Finance & Decision Science(BA) ’94
CFA, CTA, Hedge Fund Manager Certification

SungWook Won


Korea Investment & Securities
         – Employment Insurance Fund Alternative Investment
Korea Investment & Securities
         – Employment Insurance Fund Risk Mgmt
Korea Investment & Securities
         – Private Banking

SungKyunKwan University, Economics(BA) ’09
KAIST Finance Mastership Course
Hedge Fund Manager Certification

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